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Take a look the on-demand video clips with RealPlayer[tm]. Scenes of the Shino's Bar, the station of contemporary art and spirits, assosiated with artists-in-residence or with other exhibitions.

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In Rotterdam (1'34")
20-28 November 1999 at TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Soichi ARICHI + Takashi SASAOKA

Bar staff Shino's Bar in Fukushima(3'40")
The 2nd Anniversary of Shino's Bar Internet was the collabolation with the exhibition?
Collaboration Art

Click! Hermit Project in Plasy, Czech Republic (4'56")
Artists around the world stay at the old monastery. Day time they work, and night time they have symposium, meaning drink together in Greek.
Near the Beginning - About Hermit Project

Click! Shino's Bar in Akasaka Tokyo, Japan (1'45")
In a former school in Tokyo, old friends met again.

Click! Shino's Bar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands (1'40")
The birth place of the Shino's Bar. Dutch and Japanese friends at the farewell party. The plate of the Shino's Bar was presented from the artists, Nick and Sappho.

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