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Quickset Wary (Wary Puppy Linux Quickset/Multilingual edition)

The Quickset Wary is enhanced edition based on the Wary-5.1.1(small) created by Barry Kauler. I18n based on LupQ-511 plus newly add.
You can see the new generation interface integrated: firstrun, pupsaveconfig, grub4dos, frugalinstaller, winfonts, puppy-desktop translation system, and etc.

Download .iso's

  • New kernel same of Wary-5.1.1-small, without lang_pack. Download size 100MB.
    698375596536f2af7392c1e880ec682b wary-511-01q-k2.6.32.28-small.iso
  • Installer for Windows, supports Windows 95 to 7(32/64bit) but except Windows Me.
    d5bc0c6361d2516c54cec78d8bb281bc Quickset_Wary_Puppy_Linux-511.exe
  • With all lang_pack. Download size 192MB.
    803c514ebdeb675b3a09ae1af63b0a1e wary-511-01m-k2.6.32.28-small.iso
  • Japanese remix. Download size 115MB
    2bbfb2af9336f8c339e0a735cd2bdbc7 wary-511-01j-k2.6.32.28-small.iso
  • New kernel same of Wary-5.1.1-k2.6.32.28, without lang_pack. Download size 118MB.
    a53d8ad1ae2a60bf7adc0a88728bffb4 wary-511-01q-k2.6.32.28-full.iso
  • Same kernel of Wary-5.0-small, without lang_pack. Download size 101MB.
    abcddb1adc038ab4ffb7d5aed7971383 wary-502q-k2.6.31.14-small.iso Here
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