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GUI setup tool
for the personal storage file
of Puppy Linux

2 Jun 2009(first edition)
23 Jan 2010 pupsaveconfig v.1.8.3
19 Oct 2010 Next development towards pupsaveconfig v.2 now starts: The Forum Topic


What's this?

At the shutting down process after the first bootup of Puppy Linux, means without 'pup_save.2fs', it asks to create the personal storage file named 'pup_save.2fs' on its console. But it is not friendly to the users not familiar with Puppy.

PupSaveConfig is a GUI tool to setup the personal storage file, to custumise the name of the file, where to save, password and etc. It can be done before going down to the console. One of the atractive idea is to launch the GUI at the BEGINING of the first boot.

PupSaveConfig runs on X, and it is easy to internationalise like other Gtk programs. As for the multi-byte characters, most of asian languages, has the problem to display on the console (Think recent puppies cannot display non-ascii characters on console). But PupSaveConfig can.

Who use it?

A previous version of PupSaveConfig is enbeded in the Japanese version of Puppy, Puppy Linux 4.20JP and 4.3.1JP. It is usefull for Puplet (Puppy Linux derivatives) builers. It works on Puppy and puplets 4.x/5.x.

Who made it?

The idea principle and main coding by shinobar. Some code from voice. Of course much from Puppy Linux itself. Testing by members of Puppy Linux Japanese Forum.

PupSaveConfig is free to use, modify, redistribute.

Screen shot

Top dialog when shutdown

Selecting partition

Final cofirmation

Example of I18N (Jpanese requires its font)
exsamle of I18N Japanese


You can download the PET package from here.

How does it work?

Bootup Puppy with 'pfix=ram' boot option, Then install pupsave-*.pet.

  1. Menu > Shutdown > Shutdown or Reboot, then wmpoweroff or wmreboot launches.
  2. wmpoweroff or wmreboot launches pupsaveconfig as a child process.
  3. pupsaveconfig makes a file /etc/rc.d/pupsave.conf at the finish.
  4. /etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown reads the file pupsave.conf and do along described there.

pupsaveconfig has debug mode. Type on the virtual terminal (on X)...

pupsaveconfig --debug

How to make translation

pupsaveconfig version 1.8 and later uses gettext system. Download 'pupsaveconfig.pot' from here, or you can create it with next command ('devx'required).

xgettext --language=shell -o pupsaveconfig.pot /usr/bin/pupsaveconfig

Use some editor like 'Poedit' to make .po and .mo files.

Put the .mo file at /usr/share/locale/??/LC_MESSAGES/, where '??' is your language code.

You can check the output using debug mode... (Replace 'ja' to your language code.)

pupsaveconfig --debug LANG=ja

Feed back

Visit Topic of Pupsaveconfig in Puppy Linux Discussion Forum.