Welcome to Quickset Puppy!

This is Quickset Puppy live CD. It is an easy-to-setup version based on Puppy. Differences with the original version is described on this document.

Puppy Linux is provided as live CD's(.iso file). You can use Puppy Linux as soon as you bootup your computor from the live CD. You may need pressing [Del], [f.1], [f.2], [f.9], or [f.12] at the bootup and set up BIOS or select bootup media depending on your PC. Reffer the documents on your own PC.

First setup

Booting up your PC from this Quickset Puppy live CD, hopefully automatically starts up the desktop with 800x600 screen size. A GUI dialog for the first setup appears. You may need to change the settings of language, timezone, keyboard layout, and screen size if you like to. Language is initially English. Timezone and keyboard is initially set to UTC (Universal Time) and en(US/universal) keyboard.

If the PC failed to startup the desktop, try 'Safe mode' at the bootup option. Select the bootup menu(it may be frendly interface thanks to the Grub4Dos) by using up and down arrow keys. Type 'xorgwizard' after the command prompt appears.

The network connection is to be automatic in case eth0 interface found and DHCP is available.

How does the Quickset?

Most of the automatic mechanism is that of the Puppy natively has. I (shinobar) only made the first setup GUI and arranged the initial settings of the Puppy.

Not only the new GUI, some scripts are modified.

Initial settings are preset by some files.

How to make quickset live cd?

It is easy to make Quickset-Puppy from Puppy live CD. Follow next steps.

  1. Start up Puppy from original Puppy live CD with 'puppy pfix=ram' boot option.
  2. Set up Xvesa, no matter which pixel size.
  3. Install optional packages(optional).
  4. Install firstsetup-xxx.pet.
  5. Restart X
  6. Firstetup: Set Xvesa 800x600, default locale, timezone and keyboard.
  7. Launch remasterpup2.
  8. After remasterpup2 makes pup-xxx.sfs, arrange files in /mnt/PARTITION/puppylivecdbuild as follows. Others like *.msg, isolinux.*, logo.16 shold be deleted.
  9. Create remastered live CD or .iso following remasterpup2.

Odd filenames on Windows OS

The file names of the contents of the live CD on Windows OS might see odd such as like,
The odd file names make trouble if you try to copy them on HDD or on USB drives.

But the Quickset-Puppy Live CD sees the filenames correct even on Windows. Because it is created with 'Joliet' option. I (shinobar) realized that 'Joliet' option does not cause troubles even with saving sessions on multisession CD. Remasterpup2 in this version applies 'Joliet' option for the remastered live CD's.

Quickset-Puppy is arranged by Shinobar(Masaki Shinomiya) in January 2010, updated March 2010
Enjoy Puppy!