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Lucid Puppy Quickset edition

Lucid Puppy Quickset edition(LupQ) is an alternative of the Lucid Puppy Linux(Lupu) 5.1.1. LupQ holds the innovative feature of Lupu, binary compatible with Ubuntu Lucid, 'choice your browser' with Quickpet, and goes directly to the desktop. But LupQ goes further beyond it. Adding many features, more user friendly, more flexible and universal. Yes, LupQ is basically multilingual. more...

Download the Lucid Puppy Quickset edition 511!
Download lupq-511.iso (25 Sep 2010). CHANGES
Mirror (openlab)
4d6d436b80c85ab5be8cfd44245d8b2a lupq-511.iso

There is also an installer for Windows 95 to 7, Lucid-Puppy-Quickset-edition-511-Installer.exe (31 Oct 2010) there. It is for the PC's Widows is now working and not have CD drive. The Installer.exe is still on testing. If you can use CD for booting your PC, using the Installer.exe is no recommended. But if you dare to try, the report is welcome at the Forum.

Normally you reach to the desktop automatically. You can change the locale(language), timezone, keyboard at a time by GUI. If you change only the keyboard, you need not restart X.




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