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Lucid Puppy Quickset edition

Lucid Puppy Quickset edition(LupQ) is an alternative of the Lucid Puppy Linux(Lupu) 5.1.1. LupQ holds the innovative feature of Lupu, binary compatible with Ubuntu Lucid, 'choice your browser' with Quickpet, and goes directly to the desktop. But LupQ goes further beyond it. Adding many features, more user friendly, more flexible and universal. Yes, LupQ is basically multilingual.


  1. Advanced features with compact and fast
  2. Flexible and expandable
  3. Easy to setup
  4. Easy to install
  5. International

Advanced features with compact and fast

LupQ is binary compatible with the most recent Ubuntu Linux Lucid. But also has our familiar interface of Puppy Linux. As usual of the Puppy, LupQ is compact and fast. The download size is 113MB.

Flexible and expandable

The internet browser and the mailer are your choice. You can install them with your choice using Quickpet and Puppy Package manager. Many applications at the Lucid Puppy repogitory. And potentially most of the Ubuntu Lucid packages. Some LupQ special are available from here.

Easy to setup

This can be the top feature of the Quickset edition. The boot up menu of the LupQ is graphical. Just press 'Enter'-key. It goes directly to the desktop in most of case.

If your hardware failed to start up the desktop, try the 'Safe mode'. You will be asked the keyboard layout. Then type 'xorgwizard' and choose the graphic driver. (Normal boot goes directory to the desktop without any asking.)

The country setting GUI arises. You can change the locale(language), timezone and keyboard layout if you need.

Easy to install

LupQ can run from the live CD, but also you can install LupQ on your hard disk drive. LupQ has the 'Frugal Installer', easy to install. You need not make new partitions on the drive. LupQ can install on even the Windows partitions without any change on the Windows OS. (But recommended to clean up the partition on the Windows before.)

No problem with bootup from the Windows partitions thanks to the Grub4Dos. The Grub4DosConfig automatically finds the frugal installed place.


LupQ has desktop translations for some languages built in. You can also install language_pack to enhance the translations. Now available Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. Visit the Forum topic:Translate LupQ - Quickset edition of Lucid Puppy.

This translation system is an innovation of Puppy. Up to now, we were using localized editions of Puppy for each language. From now on, we use SAME Puppy with the translations. It means this Puppy will be used and tested over the world.

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